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Firemain use ETL to good effect at RAF Lakenheath

(Sun 1st Jun 2008)

Firemain use ETL to good effect at RAF Fairford & Lakenheath

The Engineering Technical Letter (ETL) is the UK standard for the protection of military aircraft hangars. Firemain have a recent track record in protecting hangars in conjunction with the sprinkler contractor Argus Fire ( at both RAF Fairford and Lakenheath using the ETL.

NFPA 409 has been the standard of choice in hangar protection for many years. However, the continued concern over firewater run-off with any foam system has prompted the use of high expansion foam. Hi Ex uses a great deal less water in operation but it's important to understand the special parameters of the ETL.

Rather than calling for a specific application rate in terms of litres per minute per square metre (lpm/m2/min.), the ETL measures performance by the total coverage achieved within both 1 minute and 4 minutes. This requires the use of highly efficient foam generators mounted at roof level capable of expansion ratios of 1000:1. This produces a very dry expanded foam that will readily flow around the footprint of parked aircraft. Indeed, the standard calls for 90% coverage within 1 minute and a 1 metre depth within 4 minutes. The Firemain design has easily achieved compliance.

A full discharge test is required on commissioning and we can provide photographs of our previous successful tests.

The Hi Ex is normally supported by a roof level sprinkler system and we have worked closely with our LPC sprinkler contractor partners as a sub contractor on the overall fire protection contract. As always, we will support your offer with pre tender design and accurate costings.

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