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(Tue 1st Apr 2008)

UK's programme of waste to resources facilities leads to increased use of Firemain Remote Control Monitors

Landfill is increasingly the option to avoid for non recyclable waste so using waste to provide heat and power is the sustainable way forward.

The waste bunkers feeding the incinerator can be up to 11 metres deep and contain a fermenting mix of organic and non organic material. Spontaneous combustion is a continual problem needing fast and reliable firefighting to extinguish the fire. Electrically operated Remote Control Monitors are a cost effective solution that enhances the sprinkler system usually fitted to such facilities. The operator of the waste grab often has line of site into the bunker and directs the monitors to the seat of the fire with ease and from a safe distance. 1800 litres per minute of high pressure targeted water is enough to suppress the fire ensuring minimal downtime.

Firemain's capability with high flow monitors is derived from many years of supplying monitors to a range of petro-chem facilities, in particular the demanding environment found around our coastline. Numerous Firemain monitors have now been installed for jetty protection where high wind speeds are not uncommon. Installing them inside buildings clearly makes them even more effective.

Firemain will design, supply and commission the system and look forward to many more enquiries as the projects currently in planning go forward for construction across the UK.

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