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Ensuring the lights don't go out in Kuwait

(Tue 1st Apr 2008)

Ensuring the lights don't go out in Kuwait - Az Zour Power Station

The UK has much to offer world markets when it comes to our technical expertise - fire protection is no exception. The high standard of design and installation maintained by the UK fire trade is respected in the Middle East in particular. Working with our contractor partner on this occasion, Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions, we designed and supplied a variety of fixed fire solutions (

The new Az Zour combined cycle power station has a range of fire challenges that are best dealt with using foam as the primary extinguishant.

The brief was as follows:

  • To deal with the large inventory of fuel oil. Solution: Ansul foam pourers to feed foam directly onto the product through the tank wall.
  • To deal with a possible spill fire into the bund. Solution: 6 inch oscillating foam monitors mounted on the bund walls.
  • To deal with smaller areas around the power station such as transformers. Solution: modular systems with local foam induction.
  • How to store a large quantity of foam concentrate? Solution: supply a 20,000 litre polyethylene tank.

A great many of our products and systems have been for end users overseas but more often than not the installing contractor has a UK base. We are always pleased to assist with your design and will liaise with you for onward shipping to the country in question. Sometimes agents agreements in country may preclude us but we can advise accordingly.

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