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Shell, Jarrow - protecting the fuel supply chain

(Mon 7th Jul 2008)

The recent strikes at both the Ineos Refinery, Grangemouth and by the road tanker drivers contracted to Shell, have highlighted the vulnerability of the fuel supply chain to what insurers class as “business interruption.” The UK’s onshore fuel distribution network utilises a mixture of fixed pipeline, rail and road - any disruption to the network, whether by strike, mechanical failure or, dare we say it, fire leads to serious financial loss to oil company and disruption to the travelling public alike.

Shell’s Jarrow railhead is no exception and an essential part of their distribution chain as it supplies bulk fuel to their loading racks which in turn provide the petrol and diesel to forecourts in the North East. Having completed the overhead foam deluge systems at Jarrow and for their loading racks adjacent to the Stanlow Refinery, we are continuing to develop this mission critical side to our business. The system comprises the site firewater main connected to an FD 7500 FireDos water driven foam concentrate proportioner. Foam concentrate is drawn from a dedicated tank and accurately injected at 3%, delivering up to 7500 litres of foam solution into the downstream lines. Using FireDos has the combined benefits of long running time with the assurance that just the right amount of foam is being discharged even if there are fluctuations in pressure and flow. For a more detailed explanation of the method of operation of FireDos, please go to our FireDos product page.

The foam solution itself is applied automatically via the tried and tested FJM80 Oscillating Monitors. Designed to deliver 3,000 litres per minute at up to 13.8 bar, they mount a foam attack on the 3 dimensional fire presented by the rail tankers. Applying the Towelex AFFF foam unaspirated is now common practice as the foam is film forming and allows longer throws than aspirated foam – an important consideration when anticipating strong cross winds and up drafts from the fire itself. The monitors sweep from side to side in an ark set by the operator. Once set, Tyne & Wear firefighters can develop their fire ground strategy safe in the knowledge that they already have the right equipment fixed in place should the worst occur.

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